Mark Beall (Ret. USMC) provided by Durham, NC VA Hospital

I chose to have a patriotic theme with our flag, a Marine Corps Emblem and my dates of service on my prosthetic to show everyone that I have served and I am very proud of it. My pride goes up every time people see it and the reaction is “OH WOW IS THAT COOL” The work...

Amy Seeger from CO

I want to be pro-active and ward off any potential negative comments from the children. As his mother and biggest fan, I promised Maddox that when the time came for him to start kindergarten that he would have the ‘coolest’ orthopedic brace there ever was.  My goal is...

T. Harrison (Ret. Navy) from WA

Normally, people are a little hesitant when they see someone wearing a prosthetic, but when people see my flame design; it’s an automatic icebreaker. T. Harrison was the 1st Veteran Served in 2009

John Hern from Poulsbo, WA

I’ve always wanted to express my love for America by sporting the Statue of Liberty on my leg. Now, I wear shorts when I’m golfing. Thanks Dan for the beautiful black paint job and airbrush work on my prosthetic.