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Inquire about sponsoring a prosthetic design for 100's of Veterans on the waiting list.

Veterans Affairs Approved Dan Horkey Unique Prosthetic Methods

In 2009, I began filling purchase orders approved by Central Office Veterans Affairs after receiving approval in November 2009. We filled 10 – purchase orders by the VA and 2 – purchase orders by D.O.D. hospitals WRAMC and BAMC.

In November 2012, the VA Central Office PSAS Director had called and said, a legal team was hired to 1) review the handbook of what they need to provide, and 2) VA Director stated there has never been a study done to see how this could help the quality of life and mental health of our Veterans. Dan Horkey responded to the VA, your not going to find these options in the handbook, so let’s get a study started.

As It Stands Today in 2017

The VA National Director of Orthotics and Prosthetics said, a letter was sent out to all VA Hospitals, stating VA Central Office PSAS in Wash. D.C. would not continue to fund our services. It would be left to the discretion of each facility, and they would need to provide it from their budget.

In January 2013, Dan Horkey began looking for support on this issue and contacted his Congressmen Derek Kilmer in Washington State. Congressmen sent a letter to the Veterans Affairs (PSAS) and Congressmen asked the VA what law or statue is prohibiting VA Central Office from continuing to provide Veterans with Dan Horkey Approved Options?

Dan Horkey is actively looking for funds for a Clinical Research Study on the basis of benefiting the mental health, well- being of our severely injured, Disabled Veterans.


Veterans Served Through VA and DOD Hospitals

Normally, people are a little hesitant when they see someone wearing a prosthetic, but when people see my flame design; it’s an automatic icebreaker. T. Harrison

- WA (Ret. Navy) Bone Cancer Survivor, T. Harrison was the 1st Veteran we served in 2009

Being able to sport my Vietnam Army Airborne Ranger badge and Phoenix tattoo has made me less self conscious about the leg…in the 40 years I’ve been an amputee, I’ve never worn shorts…I just went out and bought two pair. Bob Sampson

– (Ret. US Army), Airborne Ranger Vietnam

I chose the Bald Eagle and Flag Design with a USMC emblem. My pride goes up every time people see it and the reaction is “OH WOW IS THAT COOL.” Mark Beall

(Ret. USMC)