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“Perfect Prosthetic and Orthotic Tattoo”

Tattoodo website or upload Tattoodo’s free Tattoodo App

Shutter Stock average cost is about $25


Vector Stock


Prosthetic INK wants to Collaborate with More Artist, Contact Dan Horkey Direct.

Meet Our New Friend Ned Pampfolin


International Known Artist Ned Pampfolin Productions is Donating Art to Our Customers for Limited Time, No Cost Licensed Art by International Artist Ned Pampfilon. Ned has kindly offered his online art gallery for use to all of Prosthetic Ink customers. Recently, one of customers Kim, found this Boudicea on their site. I suggested to Kim to contact Ned Pampfilon Productions for permission to let us help her apply to her prosthetic leg. Ned Pampfolin Productions team was courteous and open to the idea to partner with Dan Horkey to help Amputees and the Disabled express themselves with Prosthetic – Orthotic Tattoo Art.


Visit the English version website Instanbul 1881 Galleries and start browsing.Send Dan Horkey at Prosthetic Ink a link of the image you find to express yourself.


View Galleries on our Official Facebook Page Prosthetic Ink

The possibilities are endless! Dan Horkey at Prosthetic INK helped children at Shriners Hospitals for Children, Seattle…

Posted by Prosthetic INK on Thursday, April 13, 2017