Solid Colors

Solid Colors

Everyone has a favorite color!
Turn your prosthetic or brace into ‘Walking Works of Art’ and a statement piece that makes you feel proud and “Stand Tall.”

Simply pick a color from the swatches below and attach a few photos of your prosthetic socket or AFO, KAFO leg brace… We’ll do the rest!

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Prosthetic Ink Solid Custom Colors

  • Solid Colors from $399

Durable and Shiny Paint Finish!

We use OEM color codes typically used for “Autos” for durability.

Check out a few pages of our PPG paint swatch book for example colors.
Click here to view some sample colors. *

*These color chips cannot be considered totally accurate, they are just visual representations of the actual colors.


Since I lost my leg, artwork has always been a part of my rehabilitation. I want something that looks better than the fabric they have been laminating on my sockets. Thanks for applying the USMC and Combat Warrior art on my prosthetics, this looks awesome.
Aaron (Ret. USMC)