Prosthetic Ink Wraps

Vinyl Adhesive Wraps

Vinyl Adhesive Wraps

We helped Kathi in Florida by applying her choice of design: this water surface image from shutterstock.

This new product is now available to all in the #CMTcommunity.  It’s allows those to express themselves and “Stand Tall” with Prosthetic Ink. Try our newest wrap around product, send us your design, we’ll install yours 2-3/day turn around.  The possibilities are endless.

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Call Dan today, upload photos of your brace and the image of your choice.


Since I lost my leg, artwork has always been a part of my rehabilitation. I want something that looks better than the fabric they have been laminating on my sockets. Thanks for applying the USMC and Combat Warrior art on my prosthetics, this looks awesome.
Aaron (Ret. USMC)