Chrome Prosthetics

Chrome Finishes for Prosthetic Legs and Arms

Prosthetic Ink’s innovative Chrome System is mirror reflective, and the best durable finish.


Don’t waste your time or money with inferior finishes. Buy with confidence from Prosthetic Ink.


Dan Horkey, founder of Prosthetic Ink has been testing different chrome products since 2009, and has finally honed in on the best, durable method for a perfect chrome finish!

Prosthetic Ink Chrome Colors halo effect

the Power of Chrome Delivers a Halo

Dann Hockey Loves Chrome

running in custom chrome prosthetic

Gina Kothe Fuscia Pink Chrome

Chrome Finish Pricing

  • Carbon Fiber Sockets, BK, AK or BE Starting from $449
  • Pigment Skin Tone Sockets, BK, AK or BE from $629


Before our scheduled phone call, Email photos of your prosthetic or brace and any ideas or images for us to review.

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Innovative Prosthetic INK Chrome System is mirror reflective,and the best durable finish. Lead times estimated…

Posted by Prosthetic INK on Monday, June 17, 2013



Dan, My prosthetic hook is now a work of art and something to wear with confidence and pride. I’m going out tonight to show it off! The Prosthetic Ink artwork you did on it far exceeds my expectations. I knew it would be great but WOW!  Excellent job. People used to look at my prosthesis and say “what a shame”, now they say “WOW! That looks AWESOME! Thank you, Sean McHugh from PA, USA
Sean McHugh from PA