Chrome Custom Colors

Chrome Finish

Prosthetic Ink chrome system and method is mirror reflective, and the best durable finish.

Dan, What a great job you did on my socket! Just imagine stepping out onto a golf course and hearing them whisper, “Hey he is bilateral amputee, wow”. Then all a sudden you hear a loud outburst, “Where did you get that chrome socket? That is so neat and shiny.” Thanks again, Partner! -Don Davis from Moore, SCX

When the sun is shinning and beating down on your chrome, the halo effect shows indoors or out, see the examples below.

Prosthetic Ink Chrome Colors halo effect

the Power of Chrome Delivers a Halo

Dann Hockey Loves Chrome

running in custom chrome prosthetic

Gina Kothe Fuscia Pink Chrome

Chrome Prosthetic Finish Pricing

  • Carbon Fiber Sockets, BK, AK or BE Starting from $429
  • Pigment Skin Tone Sockets, BK, AK or BE from $529

Prosthetic Ink’s innovative Prosthetic Limb Chrome System is mirror reflective, and the best durable finish.

Choose from Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Copper, Black, Bloody Red, Pink and Gold.

The “Invisible Prosthetic Socket” shown has the Natural Chrome finish!

Prosthetic Ink has been testing different chrome finish products since 2009, and has finally honed in on the best, most long-lasting method for a perfect chrome finish! Don’t waste your money, with inferior finishes, buy with confidence from Prosthetic Ink. Our spray on chrome is the only product of its kind that won’t peel, flake, or yellow from the sun, Guaranteed!

All chrome colors are the same price, click here to order today!



I’ve always wanted to express my love for America by sporting the Statue of Liberty on my leg. Now, I wear shorts when I’m golfing. Thanks Dan for the beautiful black paint job and airbrush work on my prosthetic.
John Hern from Poulsbo, WA