Airbrush & Hand Brush Designs

Our Standard ‪Prosthetic Tattoo Designs are Awesome! But our Custom Prosthetic Designs are Awesome Squared!

Airbrush Designs

Custom Airbrush designs allow you to personalize your Prosthetic Limb, AFO or KAFO Leg Brace.  This turns your prosthetic into a work of art and a statement piece that makes you feel proud and “stand tall.”

I am very proud of it. My pride goes up every time people see it and the reaction is “OH WOW IS THAT COOL” -Mark Beall (Ret. USMC) provided by Durham, NC VA Hospital

Provide a brief description of what you have in mind, attach a picture of your ideas and a few photos of your prosthetic socket or AFO, KAFO leg brace.

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We Create One-Of-A-Kind Prosthetic Tattoos.

  • Portraits
  • Full-Color Tattoos
  • Meaningful Words
  • Biblical Verses
  • Business and Team Logos
  • Military Insignia Designs
  • Pin Striping Designs
  • Graphic Designs
  • Custom Animation Characters
  • Pets and Animals

We coordinate your customization with practitioners everywhere. We suggest you keep your Prosthetist & Orthotist in the loop by scheduling an appointment to dis-mount and re-mount sending only your prosthetic socket. Prior to shipping, the practitioners remove rivets, straps, clasp and any hardware that may be obstructive while we are finishing the definitive Prosthetic Limb, AFO or KAFO Leg Brace.


Since I lost my leg, artwork has always been a part of my rehabilitation. I want something that looks better than the fabric they have been laminating on my sockets. Thanks for applying the USMC and Combat Warrior art on my prosthetics, this looks awesome.
Aaron (Ret. USMC)