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Est. 2008 

Helps Amputees, Disabled Children, Adults & Vets

Dan Horkey ~ Founder 
Prosthetic INK
Launched October 6, 2008
Photo Courtesy the Kitsap Sun
Dan Horkey ~ Founder 
Prosthetic INK
Launched October 6, 2008
Photo Courtesy the Kitsap Sun


Est. 2008 

Helps Amputees, Disabled Children, Adults & Vets

Entrepreneur Adds Color to the Lives of Amputees

As seen on VOA News 

bwy Mike O'Sullivan in Seattle

Dan Horkey~Founder an amputee is adding color to the lives of others -through a company he started that decorates prosthetics.  

Prosthetic INK

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Ready to Roll Out the Vinyl x 1/yard Lowest Price

Vinyl Wraps 
Lowest price
PERSONALIZED Colors Braces  AFO KAFO Spinal jacket
Spine knee ankle

Ships 24-36 hrs 

Vinyl x 1/yard Lowest Price

Satin, Glossy Matte, Brushed  Metal

Fine Art Hand Brush Design


Send us your artwork, single or multiple images for a custom quote. 

Prosthetic’s Paint, Airbrushed and Chrome


“if it‘s worth doing, do it right once‘“ Founder ~ Dan Horkey

Hand-Crafted with Care‘ professional services and products

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Durable Solid Color 

From $449

Take it step further, Airbrushing 

one-of-a-kind Prosthetic Tattoo  

Fine Art Airbrushing 

From $375


Est. 2008  the Original‘s 

Prosthetic INK

Q&A Call Us, leave a voice message for faster response. 

Easy Order, 2020 DIY Products

Email us today, and send us few close up, clear pictures of your KAFO, AFO Spinal Brace, AK or BK Prosthetic Socket.

We Work on Arms, 

Plastic Knee Cover, 

Cheetah Blade Runner prosthetics, AKA BKA Sockets 

By  sharing a desired  budget range, 

save you time and quickly recommend the right service or product. 

DIY General Baseline 

From $30- $100  T’s and Vinyl 

Stock Vinyl Installed  Service
From $349 - 

Installed Custom Printed Wraps

Quote required 

High Durable ‘Wet Look’
from $500 

Solid Painted Finishes


Chrome Mirror Reflective Finish.  

2020 Lines Prosthetic and Brace Tattoos, amazing colorful options Laminations Supply T-Shirts that don’t bleed Or distort under Lamination.  Several Categories  with your Fav’s, just call or email ys request a link to a App, we’ll place the order, offer FREE Shipping within 1-2/days right to your OandP Clinic or Central Fab. 

Licensed Spirts Teams, Fantasy,  Animation in 2020 D.I.Y. Products that ship in 1-2/days 

to your Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinic it Central Fav OandP 

Buy with confidence, artisan‘s  work guaranteed ~ Call  Today Ask for Dan

Prosthetic INK

Est. 2008



Prosthetic INK 

’Stand Tall‘

  • Helping Disabled Children, and Adults of All Ages 

  • Serving Back Our Veterans

Founded in 2008 by an Amputee, Dan Horkey ~ Founder helps fellow Amputees and the Disabled express themselves by creating personalized orthopedic and prosthetic tattoos. 

The artwork is reflective of the person who wears it, much like someone’s tattoo, with a personal meaning, sometimes obvious in content, sometimes more covert and of meaning only to the wearer. 

Medical Devices 

We Customize 

Prosthetic limbs, spinal braces, KAFO knee braces, AFO ankle foot leg braces, pediatric cranial helmets, sports and motorcycle helmets, simple DIY options to personalize wheelchairs

Fine Art Airbrush Services


Wet-Look Tough as Nails Durability 6 or more years


Confidence is Beautiful 

 Buy with qQuality Guaranteed

FIne Art 

Custom Services  

Bold and Hot Licks, or choose from our Subtle PPG Collection  

Have it YOUR WAY 



   > Solid Colors starting at ONLY 459 

PPG Saffron Yellow

Lamination T-s & Vinyl D.I.Y. Lines for 2020

Sign up to hear all about our economy NEW Line for 2020 D.I.Y Do It Yourself! Easy Order Easy Install Product’s Event Announcemnts.

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Prosthetic INK

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