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“My prosthetic hook is now a work of art and something to wear with confidence and pride. People used to look at my prosthesis and say “what a shame”, now they say “WOW! That looks AWESOME!”
Sean McHugh from PA

Now Patented Systems and Methods Personalizing Prosthetic Limbs, Orthotic Limbs and Leg Braces.

“SHOW IT OFF” Make A Statement, Feel Proud and “Stand Tall.”


Custom Prosthetic Socket Art & Orthotic Tattoo Covers


Prosthetic Ink also helps the Disabled who wear AFO, KAFO Leg Braces, Spinal Braces and Cranial Helmets.


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Ok, I know many of my fans already seen my video made on New Year’s Day 2016.
Today’s post, I get to share more about how pleased, and happy Frieda has been with her one-off, one of kind stand alone blue finish #ProstheticINK featured in the VIDEO.

Frieda called ‘out the blue’, and said a new socket is being made right now, and wants the very same color, and possibly have her dogs face hand or airbrushed as well. Not just any blue, got to be the same shade, I said you got it!!

I need your feedback, how’s your INK holding up? Frieda said, it still looks beautiful and shiny as the day I received it. Dan, your system and methods of Prosthetic INK sticks, long lasting and durable.

Hand crafted with Care
durable, shinny “wet-look” beautiful solid color of your choice. Call me today, and Save $50 off the top with PromoCode
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Dan Horkey, founder and CEO of Prosthetic INK showing off his new innovations of high-quality airburshed tattoos on prosthetic limbs. Services are 100% FREE for veterans.
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Dan Horkey with showing off his High-quality airburshed tattoos on prosthetic limbs. services are 100% FREE for veterans.

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